camellia Sasanqua Variegata camellia hybrid Spring Mist camellia japonica Black Tie
Camellia hybrid Spring Mist - 10 Litre (7-8 yr old)
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Camellia japonica Black Tie - 2 Litre Premium (4 yr old)
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BETTER THAN 1/2 PRICE £7.00 (£5.83 exc VAT) Limited Period
Small, single, white petals with rose pink tips.
mid to late season
Leaves are robust, dark green, with silvery green margins that enhance the display of flowers.
Habit: Upright, forming a very dense bush
Fragrant, blush pink, semi-double flowers, about 5cm across, with yellow anthers and cream filaments. Spreading, open habit with coppery coloured young growth. Flowers February to April.
Whats the story? Well every year we propagate more plants than we actually need, in case some die during rooting. In a good year, this means that we always have a surplus at some stage, which we then sell off at BETTER THAN 1/2 PRICE!
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This spring flowering camellia plant has dark red, average size formal double flower. medium, upright, average growth. mid season flowering.
camellia Sasanqua Gay Sue camellia hybrid Fragrant Pink
Camellia sasanqua Gay Sue - 2 Litre Extra Large (5 yr old)
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Camellia hybrid Fragrant Pink - 10 Litre (8-10 yr old)
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Sale Price: £25.00 (£20.83 exc VAT)
White, loose paeony-form flowers with frilled petals and a strong musk scent, buds tipped pink. Medium rate, upright, dense growth. Very free-flowering in October/November. Prefers a sunny, sheltered position.

Small, deep-pink, fragrant, paeony-form flowers with orange-yellow stamens. A vigorous, spreading habit with bronze-coloured young growth in the spring. Good for a cool conservatory, greenhouse etc., or outside in a warm sunny position. Flowers March to April.